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Head offices of the department


Dpto. Informática
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática (E.T.S.I.I.)
Campus Miguel Delibes s/n


Dpto. Informática
Escuela Universitaria de Informática
Pza. Sta. Eulalia nº 9 y 11
Campus de Segovia
40005 - SEGOVIA

Telephon numbers


Administrative Secretary:(+34) 983 423670
Fax:(+34) 983 423671


Head of Departament Section:(+34) 921 112431
Fax:(+34) 921 112401

Head staff

Use the following links to send an eMail to a member of the head staff:

Head: Teodoro Calonge Cano
Secretary: Joaquín Adiego Rodríguez

Contact other staff members

To contact directly with a member of the department's staff try the list of staff members. In that page you will find links to the personal web pages of the staff members, or an eMail address if a personal web page is not available.